Monday, November 4, 2013

This is weird typing my thought for other to see yet I don't know if anyone will just came up with the idea of blogging today as whim.  Should anyone read this blog I'm a simple dude who likes sports, music other things that if you continue to read you will find out.  Now for today's topic or tonight's depending when anyone reads this lets go easy with RELIGION (want to put powerful music on the mention on the word)

RELIGION in my family is confusing father side catholic mother side Jehovah witness Me just believe in the man upstairs(I know cliche couldn't help it) So two different religions yet they believe in god but one is always trying to show which one is correct and which isn't.  I have seen this first hand literally in competition on whose interpretation on the bible is correct.  Is this correct Yes or No
First post ever.  Introducing myself just the regular fan sports, music, movies etc  not an extremists in either direction.